WE LOVE SPORTS. Football. Baseball. Basketball. Volleyball. Golf. eSports. We connect sports fans. On Screen. Off Screen. We wow the fanatics by creating values. Services. Games. Events. Deals. Beers. We play together. One Team. One Goal. One Victory. We imagine. We challenge. We achieve.


BRAUTHER stands for our strong will to deliver the excellent digital service - a compound word between 'BREW' and 'TOGETHER'

Founded in early 2015 by the multi background team behind what deeply experienced in digital game, portal service, brand marketing and sports business, we are totally committed to engage the world’s sports fans and to make them universally more pleasant and passionate.


Our team is a meritocratic group of sports fanatics, eSports player, lawyer, code poets, player agent, eclectic visionaries, micro brewmasters and gurus from the fields of photograph, statistics, visualisation, business intelligence and sales & marketing.